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Relationship Expert, Amara Nwosu Returns To Ex-Husband, After Multiple Failed Marriages

Amara Nwosu, a famous Nigerian relationship expert has returned to her ex-husband and father of her five children…


Amara Nwosu, a famous Nigerian relationship expert has returned to her ex-husband and father of her five children.

ENigeria News reports that Amara Nwosu who has had multiple unpleasant experiences and disappointments in marriage following the failure of her initial attempt may have found joy again in the hands of her first loves.

The relationship expert and mother of five who relocated to the United States of America in search of greener pastures along with her children reportedly united with her first husband after they had been divorced fifteen years.

Amara had remarried multiple times and they all hit the rock, including her most celebrated marriage to the flippant Francis Van-Lere who accused her of ganging up with her children to abuse him physically.

However, many had voiced their confusion over Miss Nwosu’s marital status giving her widely rumoured marriage to an American pastor after she fell apart with Mr. Van-Lere.

Amara Nwosu, social media Reacts

Some social media users who reacted to the enchanting news wrote:

Amara Nwosu returns to her first Marriage alongside her Five children, all from the first marriage!

She is also was married to Master Francis (the poi master) 2nd marriage. She returns to the hubby after her 3rd marriage. As you can see from the Pics, her hubby looks happy to welcome his wife and Five Children.
Me: She is beautiful & she needs to write a Book!

So Amara Nwosu has returned to her first husband after fifteen years of divorce.?
And within those fifteen years she had remarried twice abi thrice.
PoI Master was her second husband.

She and the first husband overtried.
They went their separate ways for a good fifteen years and used those years to see everything that is worth and unworthy of seeing.
I guess the man would repay her bride price according to some tradition.
Her children are all grown.
She is blessed

Another reaction:

For real? Amara Nwosu is back to her first Husband? Wowww amazing I read that the first husband is still very rich. She is now a US citizen too.
If this is true then this one go pain Poi Master reach his bone marrow
If Amara is holding a master class on how to eat your cake and have it, maidia pay oooo, I say make you pay!
Wishing them marital bliss abek

Another reaction:

Relationship Counsellor, Amara Nwosu returns to her first husband, according to reports. She was married to and quickly divorced from the very notorious Francis Van Lere, then she married one other person but is now back to her first love and I believe, father of her beautiful children.
You see, in this life enh, just face your front and always remember life is actually very simple. It is us humans who complicate it. I pray this story is true and I wish the beautiful, dynamic Amara Nwosu a very happy, beautiful life ahead.


Source: ENigeria News

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