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63-Year-Old Rat Poison Seller Graduates From LASU After Spending 19 Years in School…

A 63-year-old rat poison seller in Nigeria has graduated from Lagos State University LASU after spending about 19 years in the university, ENigeria Newspaper reports…


A 63-year-old rat poison seller in Nigeria has graduated from Lagos State University LASU after spending about 19 years in the university, ENigeria Newspaper reports.

The rat poison seller, Balogun Olujide who plies his trade at the BRT bus terminal in Oshodi reportedly gained admission into the Lagos State University (LASU) during the 20024.20025 academic session to study a four-year degree program only to graduate in 2023, ENigeria Newspaper understands.

Having spent 19 years in secondary school, young Olumide sat for WAEC in 1993 which he cleared in a single sitting to earn admission for a diploma course in LASU in 1998.

Upon his completion of the diploma in philosophy course, he was admitted to the Department of History and International Studies as a Direct Entry in the 2004/2005 academic session.

The recent graduate, who narrated his ordeal explained that the delay was due to a case of missing grade which tarry for long.
“I got admission into Lagos State University in 2004 to study History and International Studies. But before then I had a diploma certificate in philosophy. It was a 2-year course.

“Having been admitted in the 2004 academic session, I was to graduate in 2008 but due to challenges relating to my results, I couldn’t and I ended up spending 19 years for a four-year degree programme. I had missing results and I was told I couldn’t graduate until issues relating to my results were resolved.

“I wrote several letters to my Head of Department at the time, who told me that my studentship had elapsed. Instead of six years maximum year for a degree programme, I had spent 12 years. So he said there was nothing he could do. This was in 2016.

“I had accepted my fate and moved on with life. I engage in all sorts of menial jobs to feed my family. I continued to sell rat poison at the Oshodi BRT terminal and also assist buyers to carry their loads at the Oyingbo market.

“On a fateful day at Oshodi, I saw a woman who is a senior staff member of LASU. I approached her but she couldn’t recognise me. I revisited the issues I had with my results and she offered to assist. She gave me an appointment and weeks after, a panel was set up and I was readmitted to complete my degree programme.

“The panel told me that my studentship had elapsed but they magnanimously approved three semesters for me to complete my degree programme which I completed in 2023. In all, I spent 19 years for a degree course of four years.”

Olujide was full of hope for a brighter and rewarding future when he eventually graduated from LASU with a pass in History and International studies but this was short-lived as he was rejected by employers of labour on the ground of old age and lack of experience.

He said, “I was employed as a night guard at a private residence while hoping for a better life upon the completion of my degree programme.
“But all the companies I had written application letters to, it is either they didn’t reply or rejected me on the ground of no experience or that I am too old to be employed. I need help because I have financial issues.

“I am hopeful of securing a better job. Until then, I will continue to sell teething powder and rat poison at Oshodi. I have two children and a wife and aged mother. I am appealing to all Nigerians for a job or financial assistance to start a trade in the absence of a salary job.”.

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