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Billionaire Dilly Umenyiora and Wife, Fifi End 15 Years Marriage After three Kids

Billionaire Dilly Umenyiora – real name (Okwudili Umenyiora) and his wife Fifi have reportedly decided to end their marriage of about 15 years…


Billionaire Dilly Umenyiora – real name (Okwudili Umenyiora) and his wife Fifi have reportedly decided to end their marriage of about 15 years.

ENigeria News reports that Dilly Umenyiora who is the founder and Chairman of the moribund Dilly Motors situated in the heart of Lekki Lagos announced the end of his marriage in a Whatsapp status update seen by us hours ago.

Perceived to be a power couple, Dilly Umenyiora and his fashion designer and socialite wife, Fifi Umenyiora were the cynosure of all eyes dotting matching outfits always in photos posted on their Instagram pages. Whatever happened to the once-upon-a-time lover remains untold, but has got tongues wagging within some cycles since the news leaked.

Although some informed insiders maintained that the couple had been having it rough in their marriage for a while all efforts to manage the situation appeared to have collapsed with the confirmation made by the businessman himself who said ‘yes it’s true”, after 17 years of dating and 15 years of being married, I’m afraid it’s all crumbled due to irreconcilable differences.

He also added, ‘The only reason I’m responding to this is to clear the air and avoid any questions or embarrassment should either of us be seen with other partners’.

Dilly Umenyiora Biography:

Dilly Umenyiora is a multi-billionaire and owner of Dilly Motors situated in the heart of Lekki in Lagos. He also doubles as the Chairman Of The Dredgers Association of Nigeria. Not forgetting that he founded eric Manny Records, the record label which was home to talented musician Runtown, till they parted ways years back.

MR Okwudili Umenyiora is alleged to be into fraud having allegedly turned jailhouse informant snitch and was released from federal prison on March 9th, 2006. According to the Baldwin County, Alabama Corrections Center database, he gets re-arrested the same day and later released.

But then the official trail goes cold, and the site lists his status as being that of a ‘Fugitive From Justice’. and on trial in Alabama for running a big-time check cheat operation, in which they used Nigeria’s name as part of the pitch for their scam.
Incidentally, that’s not his first brush with the long arm of the law, it seems he’s been a career criminal for over a decade as this mugshot from 2001 attests. Back then his offenses included ‘obstructing a police officer’ , ‘Giving a false name or information’ and ‘Driving while license is suspended’

This same Okwudili Umenyiora begins popping up all over the society pages of Nigerian newspapers, magazines and blogs, introducing himself as ‘Mr. Dilly’, Chairman of ‘Dilly Motors’, self-styled big-time businessman and pillar of commerce. Now he has police Escorts in Nigeria. Maybe Crime does pay handsomely.

Okwudili Umenyiora House Worth:

Okwudili Umenyiora or Dilly for short owns the most expensive palatial mansion in Lagos, as many observers claim.
The edifice is valued at about $10,000,000 (N3.6 billion) The house is located at Lekki phase one (Oniru new market), Lagos. ENigeria News reports that the house is just an amazing structure and stands out as the finest and the most expensive building in the area.

It was completed towards the end of 2013 but since then, there are still no known houses to challenge it in Nigeria. Its interior and exterior design is just a show of great architectural artwork and ideas showcase a high degree of class and distinction all put together.
This house took four years to build and they only just moved in 2 years ago. The housekeeping is being done by five housekeepers, one of whom is a Philippine woman. This house must cost a fortune and reeks of money.


Not much is said about his father, but Dilly’s mum is married to the owner of Germaine Motors, he is the half-brother of Naeto c’s wife Nicole.


Dilly Umenyiora is married to socialite and popular Lagos Fashion designer, Fifi. Fifi’s younger sister Obioma Isiwu contested for MBGN 2011 but did not win, she carted home the Miss tourism prize instead.


Umenyiora is 45 years old.


His marriage was blessed with 3 children whom he promised to continue to take responsibility for, despite breaking up with their mom.

Net Worth:

He is valued at over $500 million.


Source: ENigeria News

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