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Aproko Doctor Biography, Wikipedia Profile, Wife, Net Worth, Etc…

The biography of Aproko Doctor – real name, Egemba Chinonso Fidelis is hereby curated by ENigeria News for your reading pleasure.


Biography of Aproko Doctor, whose real name is Egemba Chinonso Fidelis is hereby curated by ENigeria News for your reading pleasure.

In this content which contains the biography of Aproko Doctor, ENigeria News takes a look at key information that many internet users are keenly trying to find on the internet about one of Nigeria’s most famous medical practitioners.

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ENigeria News is happy to inform you that all you may need to know about Aproko Doctor – Egemba Chinonso Fidelis are contained below as you read on…

Egemba Chinonso Fidelis or Chinonso Bobby Fidelis, widely known as Aproko Doctor, is a medical practitioner, video content creator, brand ambassador, and social media influencer, dedicated to promoting health awareness via his huge social media presence on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter which is now known as X.

A native of Imo State, Aproko Doctor was born on October 26, 1990, and today he ranks as the highest-paid health influencer in Africa, yet he keeps it cool and under wraps with a humble mien except that his face pops up now and then on your social media timeline in healthy living hack videos which he creates from time in collaboration with big brands in Nigeria and across the world.

It is important to note that Egemba Chinonso Fidelis popularly known as Aproko Doctor, is a Nigerian doctor, health influencer, and actor. He is the founder of Healthy Brands and 100K Club, a non-profit organization.


Aproko Doctor Biography – Profile Summary

State of Origin: Imo State
Occupation: Medical practitioner, Video content creator and brand Ambassador
Marital Status: Married
Children: None that is mentioned in 2023
Wife Name: Chef Chiamaka Nwakalor
Nationality: Nigerian
Known Name: Aproko Doctor
Age: 33 years old (2023)
Net Worth: Not publicly stated by known valuers


ENigeria News reports that following the completion of his primary and secondary education, Aproko Doctor pursued his medical degree at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, graduating in 2015.


Upon graduating from Nnamdi Azikiwe, he worked as a resident doctor at Imo State University Teaching Hospital. However, in 2017, he gained prominence on social media, literarily focusing on creating health content and tips. Balancing his medical career with social media, it is safe to say that Aproko Doctor has contributed immensely to health organizations, including the Red Cross Society.

Aproko Doctor is the founder of The Healthy Threads, dedicated to caring for the sick in society. His journey into health content creation aimed at addressing preventable health issues among Nigerians.

Aproko Doctor is known for maintaining a very private life, no much information is known about his family for now but, he it was recorded that he privately married to Chiamaka Nwakalor, a chef and food content creator, the couple tied the knot in June 2020.

Endorsements Deals:

As a brand ambassador for Rigour+, a healthcare provider in Nigeria, and the executive director of The 100k Club, aiming to end health poverty in Nigeria and Africa, Aproko Doctor extends his impact beyond social media.

Aproko Doctor’s Brain Tumor

In January 2022, Aproko Doctor opened up about his health battle with brain tumour. He disclosed about it in a video he shared via his Facebook account on Monday.

The popular doctor captioned the video, “Throughout December of 2022, I was fighting for my life. I went blind in one eye on the 3rd of December 2022 and on the 5th, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour.”

Speaking in the video, he said, “One thing to understand is that health issues can happen to you regardless of who you are including me. For the past three weeks or two weeks, I have been fighting for my life. Some of you have no idea. It happened that I was diagnosed with Craniopharyngioma which is a brain tumour and I had no idea I would be sharing my story.

Here I am sitting on this seat sharing my own story about how I had a tumour in my brain. It was so bad that I couldn’t read out of my phone anymore to the point where this eye, I couldn’t read with it and it was also closing. They said it is a Craniopharyngioma and we need to do surgery to remove it.” He also stated that the support of his amiable wife

Acting Debut:

Beyond his medical and content creator roles, he made his acting debut in the Netflix-acquired movie titled “Strain.”
Balancing Roles

Managing both medical practice and social media, he emphasizes the challenge of creating engaging content without compromising patient care, often working during late hours.


While Aproko Doctor keeps his car collection private, his financial success allows him to afford luxury vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz CLA 250, among other luxury cars. He also own a befitting home in Lagos where he is said to live with his family.

Social Media Handle:

Aproko Doctor is active on social media and can be reached using his Instagram handle @aproko_doctor.


Source: ENigeria News

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