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What happens if you travel with Canada study visa, and decline using it?


It is no news that hundreds if not thousands of international students who travel with Canada study visa are on this table.

ENigeria Newspaper reports that it has become somewhat like a norm for international students especially those from African countries, Asia and China to deliberately dump their admission once in Canada and begin a hunt for easier routes to validate their stay in the country.
It is no news that Canada is a country almost everyone wants to be, and top of the reasons is that the country is structured to accommodate people from different works of life.

What happens if you travel With Canada study visa, and you decline Using It?

Now this is the thing – nothing will happen you initially. Schools do not report you immediately. Sometimes, they do not even report you for years.

However, there will come a time when you want to renew your study permit and you have nothing to show that you are studying. At this point, most international students will say “I do not like the school or the curriculum so I am changing to another school. I take this long because I am deciding what school/course to go to” This is a game to extend your study permit. You will probably fail in this attempt because you have nothing to show in the first college you go to.

And if you fail in this, then like many, they go for the Refugee route. And if they fail, they go for the humanitarian route and if they still fail, they go for the marriage route (by then, they should be able to find some to marry them).

This is the Great Immigration Game many ‘international students’ with Canada study visa are playing on a daily basis. This game can sometimes last from 10–15 years. There are some who are still in this game after 20 years. It depends on how long you can drag each of this application and how far you want to go. You can go all the way to the Supreme Court. The only problem is you may not be able to return to your country during this period (depending on the program you’ve applied).

Canada is the relatively the most compassionate country in the world by OCED. But spending the country’s taxpayers’ money to allow you to play this game is not only risky, but could earn you a barn.

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