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Who Will Save The Nigerian Judiciary Now


Happenings outside and within the Nigerian judiciary in recent times are giving many concerns.

ENigeria Newspaper notes that if there are people who aren’t worried about the recent developments in the third arm of government perhaps, they may be members of the Nigerian judiciary themselves.

Daily, the dignity and honour of this very revered arm of government seem derogated or belittled by the actions of persons who have obviously lost faith in it.

Those who show more of these signs of losing faith and or trust in the judiciary are government functionaries who are supposed to work closely and have a synergy with the Nigerian judiciary system for a more functional government.

The manner in which court orders are flouted and jettisoned by top government personnel is alarming, especially in the last four years.
Today we see people protesting within the court premises thus, disrupting proceedings. You see public office holders standing as a cog in the wheel of progress of the Nigerian judiciary.

Only yesterday the world witnessed the shame at the High Court in Ikoyi where officials of the Department of State Security (DSS) and The Correctional Centre engaged in a near scuffle over who should take custody of the suspended Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele.

The fact that this occurred within the court premises speaks volumes of how much respect these government officials now have for the judiciary.

Experts on the judiciary and judicial matters say, it is time this revered arm of government cleans up its image by firmly dealing decisively with errant government officials especially those who rubbish court orders.

Again the judiciary should equally be firm by upholding its tenets and ensuring justice for all, especially at a time when the world is beaming its searchlight on it over the election litigations and proceedings.

To fix an ailing society like ours, the rule of law must be strictly adhered to….and it’s the duty of the judiciary to enforce it. Once there’s law and order every other thing will fall in place.

No one is above the law. No one should be seen as untouchable. We have witnessed situations whereby the court gives judgement for persons in custody to be released yet these orders were waved aside with the back of the hand thus suggesting that the court order is inconsequential.

This must stop for us to build a better society where justice will be for all.
However, members of the judiciary on their part should give the populace hope of a better society and tomorrow by being honourable in the discharge of their duties. They must remember that they (members of the judiciary) are the last hope of the common man.

But many doubt if this saying is trusted today.


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