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Josh2Funny Biography, Net Worth 2023, Breaking Records At AGT, Etc

This article contains information like Josh2Funny biography, Josh2Funny Net Worth 2023, Josh2Funny breaking a record at AGT (America’s Got Talent) Josh2Funny Career, Josh2Funny Wife and family, etc…


This article contains information like Josh2Funny biography, Josh2Funny Net Worth 2023, Josh2Funny breaking a record at AGT (America’s Got Talent) Josh2Funny Career, Josh2Funny Wife and family, etc.

Josh2Funny –is a Nigerian comedian and skit maker who broke records on America’s Got Talent show days back, even though the judges rejected him after auditioning three times. Despite the verdict of the judges, they appeared to agree with the cheering crowd whose verdict was that Josh indeed possessed extraordinary comic talent.

Josh2Funny Biography:
Josh2Funny whose real name is Chibuike Josh Alfred, 32 was born in Anambra state, South-Eastern Nigeria in the 90s. Raised in Anambra state Josh relocated to Lagos when he was 7 years old. In Lagos, he spent most of his formative years in the Mushin Area of Lagos.

Josh2funny is a popular Nigerian comedian, Actor, and Social media personality. The comedian has been in the Nigerian entertainment scene long before comedy became a lucrative and sought-after profession in Nigeria.
While many Nigerians know him for his jokes, not many people know much about the comedy star. Here’s an article that details some of the interesting facts and finds about the Nigerian comedy celebrity.

Josh2Funny Biography, Net Worth 2023...
Josh2Funny at AGT

Josh2Funny Biography in Brief
Alfred Josh is the actual name of the popular comedian who goes by the stage name, Josh2funny. He was born in Anambra State, in the south-eastern part of Nigeria, on the 18th of December 1990. Josh was raised in Mushin, a suburb in Lagos known for breeding extraordinary talents like Wande Coal among numerous others.

Josh2Funny Net Worth 2023
Josh2funny’s sources of income include hosting comedy shows, influencer deals, movies, and other forms of partnership deals. Through these diverse ventures, the comedian has gathered a net worth that’s estimated above $350,000.

Josh2Funny Breaking Record At AGT
America’s Got Talent is an entertainment talent stage that provides to some of the world’s most talented Acts and, sometimes, for some of the world’s most memorable rejections.
Despite being rejected three times by the judges of AGT, Josh2funny however broke a record upon gracing the stage of the most popular talent reality Tv show, as his performance video posted on AGT’s social media crossed 8 million views in less than 48 hours and the video was also the most liked video of any other contestant on the show.

AGT Judges had a “good feeling” when the 32-year-old Nigerian Josh Alfred came onstage, eliciting applause when shouting how happy he was to be on America’s Got Talent. Alfred promised to do “something different” that the Judges had never seen before.
But that wasn’t the case, he was neither a speed reader nor anything close to it.

For his speed-reading act, Alfred flipped through three books, muttering unintelligibly through each one. Sofia Vergara was the first to press on the red X, with Simon Cowell calling the performance “pointless.”

It appeared too bad for Alfred, who jokingly said he hoped to spend his $1 million winnings on books. Alfred then invited the Judges to quiz him on what he’d just read, and when Howie Mandel asked about the ending in Romeo and Juliet, he hilariously answered, “I guess they died or something.”

Alfred got four no votes, but he wasn’t quite finished. Later in the August 8, 2023 episode — after other Acts auditioned onstage — Alfred returned, this time wearing a wig and introducing himself as J-OSH, “the fastest rapper in the world.”
“He snuck back in,” Heidi Klum told the other Judges.

Alfred delivered more incoherent words with his comedic rap. Vergara was once again the first to hit on the red X, and Klum followed suit.

“I was getting to the best part,” Alfred maintained. “I was about to kill it.”
Cowell laughed, and while the Judges said they couldn’t understand it, Alfred said he believed listeners who appreciated “fast rap” could “slow it down in their minds.”

Leaving with another four no votes, the Judges thought they’d seen the last of Josh Alfred, but no.

Later, Alfred returned with a fake beard and purported to be the magician, Terrifying J. Of course, he was fooling no one. Bumbling onstage, he let playing cards fall from his hat, soon getting the red buzzer from Mandel.

Wanting to “connect” Mandel’s life to the cards, Terrifying J asked when his birth month was and promised to draw an 11 for November (note: standard playing cards don’t include 11). Mandel said, “That would be amazing,” though Alfred ultimately drew a 10.

Klum and Vergara hit their red buzzers nearly simultaneously. Cowell, however, clapped at the performance as audience members laughed along.

Looking unperturbed the judges’ “no vote”, many believed he was there for some cruise and to sell his original craft in the world’s most famous stage in calculated move to attract international audience into his already teaming fanbase. If that was the case, then it’s safe to say Josh2funny succeeded – this is because aside the judges acknowledging his ingenuity, the cheering crowd were thoroughly entertained as could be seen in their voices.

Josh2Funny Education:
Interestingly, growing up, Josh2Funny detested attending school due to his love for comedy. But his father persuaded him to conclude education for anything else.

Josh2funny graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the Federal Science and Technical College (YABATECH), Yaba. After graduation, he became a Performance Arts student at QBan Centre in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Josh2Funny Career
While in secondary school Josh discovered his talent in comedy and ventured into it

He once acknowledged in a media interview that growing up his role models were Koffi and Basketmouth, and he was able to nurture his passion by constantly watching his role models. Today, his comedy style is fused with wearing women’s attire and singing the Igbo-laced versions of popular songs while infusing his lyrics while singing them.

Josh2funny is also a singer and songwriter and has a recording studio where he makes most of his music. Apart from comedy and music, he has also been featured in movies like Africa Magic’s “My Flatmates,” with the likes of Basketmouth and Buchi present.

Josh2funny Wife
In 2019, he publicly announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend, Bina Alfred, and the two have been married ever since.

Josh2Funny Biography, Net Worth 2023...

Josh2Funny Cars
Josh2funny is a lover of luxury cars and in his garage lies expensive automobiles like Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon among other wonder on wheels.

His Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon he bought from the popular car dealer @Mayfaiirrr.
Josh has also bought car gifts in the past for his friend and also for his manager.
The comedian gifted the most recent car to his wife, whom he bought a new Mercedes-Benz car for.
Josh2Funny Speaks on Building his Talent
In 2020, Alfred told OkayAfrica that he began stand-up comedy at church but failed to find success in the medium.

“Then I started watching people’s posts on Instagram, and it was then I knew that this was a thing people were actually making money from,” Alfred told the outlet.

Alfred explained that in 2016, he garnered attention after he and a friend created a video where Alfred slapped the other while dressed as mothers.
“After that, I started doing funny covers of songs,” Alfred continued. “I did a cover of Rihanna’s ‘Work,’ and I think it was at that point that Nigeria really accepted me as an online comedian.”

More of Alfred’s characters include Mama Felicia and Tunde Tupac.

Josh2funny is today one of the most popular Nigerian comedians, and through comedy, he has gained a lot of popularity, wealth, and growth. His followership on social media runs into tens of millions. Instagram – 3 million and his YouTube channel has just under 40 million views. His skit as the world’s fastest reader went viral in 2022, making him an overnight sensation.


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