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Nigerian Comedian, Josh2funny Breaks America’s Got Talent Record


Nigerian comedian Josh2funny, real name (Chibuike Josh Alfred) has broken America’s Got Talent record after he appeared on the platform days back.

Josh2funny put up a stellar performance on the show and even though he failed to win the $1 million prize, the judges cheered his genius performance along with a lively audience who gave him a standing ovation as he walked out of the stage.

Highlights of Josh2funny’s performance at America’s Got Talent Show

He got the crowds roaring – after the initial confusion!
He got Simon (who hardly smiles) cheering and clapping!
His words were clear, distinct, and fresh!
He bodied the moment and of course, he’s likable.
Just watch him get mainstreamed into the American comedy world — collaborations with Trevor Noah, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, etc.

Many Nigeria also took to social media to criticize the comedian – they claimed that he wasted his time and rare opportunity on such a big stage. Amid the heavy criticism came some cheering from others who are simply thrilled by him.

ENigeria Newspaper reports that so far, his performance video posted on the social media handles of the AGT has attracted record-breaking over 8 million views believed to be the highest ever recorded on the show.

Nigerians react:

“Naija people will always pull up to support their own any day any time!!!
Josh went to the show to sell his market and the producers of the Show were most certainly in on it. And he gave a FANTASTIC STAND-UP COMEDY SHOW!”

“Congrats to Josh2funny for his stellar performance at the America’s Got Talent show”.

“Those condemning his performance don’t understand strategic media publicity and comic interlude”.

“The producers allowed him to sell his market because they understand the power of numbers. Whoever sold this idea to the AGT team knows Nigerians have the numbers and fan base online”.

“It’s a win for everyone!”

“The AGT tweet of his performance has 8.4M views already! I bet that’s the highest so far this season”.

“I hope this visibility will earn him collaboration with the likes of Trevor Noah, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and other big shots in the comedy & skit Industry.
Consistency is power. Whatever you know how to do, make sure you are flat-out fantastic at it and stay consistent”.

“Congrats, Josh. Thanks for putting Nigeria on the map”.

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